Château Heritage Plaisir du Vin 2017, 2018

Château Heritage Plaisir du Vin 2017, 2018

Technical Information

Elements: Château Heritage, Plaisir du Vin is a combination of Cabernet-Sauvignon, Syrah, and Cinsault.

Harvest: Totally manual harvest with only the optimal quality grapes used.

Life Cycle: upon arrival to the winery yard, grapes were de- stemmed and pumped into temperature controlled stainless steel tanks where the alcoholic and malolactic fermentation developed with time. This wine stayed in contact with grapes’s skin for a period of two weeks. Maturation took place in stainless steel tanks. This particular wine is then aged in Second Wine Oak Barrels for a period of 6-months before being bottled and preserved for a certain period for proper evolution.

Bottling: When the wine was deemed ready, it was bottled at the château. High Quality Corks were used in the 24mm format as closure on 750ml and 375ml bottles.

Analytical Information

Alcoholic strength: 13.5% ; Total Acidity: 3.63g/l H2SO4Residual Sugar: 1.2g/l

General Information:

Tasting Notes: Deep red colour. Nose of dark forest berries, with cedar and tobacco notes. Excellent balance, harmony, and length.



05 March 2017


Red Wine