Château Heritage - Vinoix

Château Heritage - Vinoix

Technical Information

Elements: Château Heritage, Vinoix is formulated on the basis of Muscat and green walnuts

Harvest: Totally manual harvest with only the exceptional years and optimal quality grapes used.

Life Cycle: Sweet wine is made from Muscat. The jus is macerated over crushed green walnuts for a period of 6-months in order to extract color and tanins. The wine is than fortified with alcohol to settle at 20%

Bottling: When the wine is deemed ready, it is bottled at the château. High Quality Natural Corks are used in the 24mm format.

Analytical Information

Alcoholic strength: 20% ; Total Acidity: 3.6g/l H2SO4

General Information:

Tasting Notes: This is an aperitif/digestive white sweet wine macerated over green walnuts according to a secret family recipe that was passed on from generation to generation in the Touma family. To be drank chilled as an aperitif or a digestif. Depending on the preference, this wine can be enjoyed with a fine cigar.


1. Silver Outstanding Medal: International Wine and Spirits Competition 2008, UK.


05 March 2017


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